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We need your help

Are you eager to forward research to develop healthy eating interventions in young children? 
We have several research activities you could be involved in.

Focus Group

Are you a health professional with an interest in weight management and dietary behaviours in young children or a parent or caregiver of a 3-5-year-old child who loves to eat? Are you eager to share your thoughts and advice on how to improve children's eating habits?
Please consider helping us with our research by joining our steering group. You will have the opportunity to guide intervention strategies and communication materials to the public by attending three annual group meetings (you can join remotely, or have travel reimbursed). You would be compensated for your time and commitment. 
Click the link below to express your interest in participating.

Mealtime study at Aston University, Birmingham

We are looking for parents/primary caregivers of a 3- to 5-year-old to take part in a study at Aston University. You and your child will be provided a free lunch and snack. You will have to travel to Aston University and you will also be compensated for your time with a £30 online shopping voucher and a toy for your child to take home.

Click the link below to express your interest in participating.

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